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  • Name:Droluar
    Date:08-05-2002 20:48
    Country:Somewhere in the world
    Very neat and good site for win32asm. I myself am a newbie on this issues, but I hope to learn a lot from this site. Thanx a lot!
  • Name:Shadowcrafter
    Date:08-05-2002 17:48
    Thank-you for sharing your knowledge. got your tute but could not get the Win32 Programmer's reference from the link as its down at present, is there another place to D/L it?
  • Name:WangJun
    Date:30-04-2002 02:22
    Hello!Can I get Guestbook from?
  • Name:Amundo
    Date:21-04-2002 15:59
    Country:New Zealand
    Thanks to you and Nan on your work with OOP! Cheers and Greetings from New Zealand!!!
  • Name:KompoZeR
    Date:06-04-2002 21:16
    U need to put more downloads inside the downloads area. I mean downloads like win32 asm programs with source code. Ya tutorial on the Mosaic game is really great... I think u should continue writing tutorials like that. It's really very easy to understand...
  • Name:tridex
    Date:05-04-2002 16:07
    Country:London England
    Nice site, Code, Snippets, Fucking excellent cheers for teaching me moe and more.. hey when is oop going to be update?? Good
  • Name:Amadin
    Date:30-03-2002 10:12
    I'm yet to conclude
  • Name:a h m a d
    Date:28-03-2002 18:04
    my first visit - i just bookmared your site; friendly layout and easy to navigate. I also liked the chm files that you have prepared.
  • Name:stryker
    Date:21-03-2002 01:34
    Country:You already know
    Nice site! Really goes hand in hand with my new windows UI... You already know me in win32asmcommunity. :)
  • Name:Jamal Hamza
    Date:19-03-2002 12:50
    Hi, try to contact me if you add to this tutorial. God Bless You and Your Family. Jamal.