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  • Name:aaa
    Date:05-03-2005 22:24
    hi. cool tutorials; i liked them a lot. couldnyou suggest me some tutorials to using non blocking sockets? thanx.
  • Name:Alexandro Pestana ( DJ_Alex )
    Date:06-02-2005 20:38
    Very interesting website, lots of hardwork.. .. greetings ! Congratulations !!!
  • Name:Michael
    Date:13-01-2005 15:19
    On behalf of Thomas I can say that he is probably going to update the site any day now. He has only find the time to do this because he has a lot of other stuff to do (like writing certain papers). Maybe you could persuade him to write something sooner if you urge him. (Or donate a large amount of money, or volunteer to write his papers) So here is a short update! Cheers
  • Name:Chalo
    Date:07-12-2004 06:05
    Hello. My inglish is very bad, sorry but that. My comments does reference to a traductions of the curses, in spanish. I know, "the inglish lenguage are indispensable to programming", but i´m not ready for this now. In the university i trate with pascal, so... do it a idea... i´m vey interesed in assembler, for taht i need (and others need too, i think) a spanish version of the curses that you do. Thanks, and i waiting your answer...
  • Name:DR#m
    Date:26-11-2004 11:31
    One more thanx.... Nice ASM snippets, but this collection might B bigger... thanx.
  • Name:nibtib
    Date:22-10-2004 19:29
    Hey Mad Wizard, you are the man! or the Wizard rather ;) Congratulations, excellent website :)
  • Name:Alireza Kazemi
    Date:06-10-2004 13:58
    Very good and cool you are really hard working.
  • Name:Me
    Date:30-09-2004 06:48
    Does anyone know of another sockets tutorial that is as easy to follow as this one? It appears that madwizard is having a difficulty finding the time to continue his extremly good tut. I need to know how to make a non-blocking server. Madwizard's style is prefered so I can understand it. Thank you.
  • Name:Irfan Azher
    Date:27-09-2004 21:23
    Well, the tutorial on Win Socks is a pleasure to read and the next chapters are anxiously awaited.
  • Name:teddy
    Date:27-09-2004 18:43
    Country:South Korea
    Thanks to you and your gorgeous win32 assembly tut's. I'm learning through them a lot... :)