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  • Name:David Rotherforth
    Date:25-08-2007 21:28
    MadWizard thanks so much for the iphlpapi.lib its needed when using the WinPcap examples. Thanks again, it saved down loading the MS SDK, which takes for ever over dialup. Sincerely, Rotherforth
  • Name:eb
    Date:10-08-2007 00:17
    Hi, Many thanks for your shared work. Very valuable and great ! Pls continue.
  • Name:sxh
    Date:07-08-2007 22:17
    Great site and great info. you should consider writing some books or more tutorials =p
  • Name:Izzaldeen
    Date:07-08-2007 08:55
    Best wishes for you, man. It's great to know such site like this still exists. Anyway, kudos to you for having detailed info about asm.
  • Name:chooi_ng
    Date:28-06-2007 03:13
    Thank's lot for the information and the explaination, Perfect ^^
  • Name:Boris fresow
    Date:04-06-2007 13:40
    Thanks a lot for the very detailed information on thie site. It spared me a lot of frustration ( = google )
  • Name:Harald Thois
    Date:28-05-2007 18:06
    Hello Thomas, thank you for your great job to make WinAVR executably with WindowsVista64 :-) best regards Harry
  • Name:Andy Kennedy
    Date:23-05-2007 12:09
    Thanks for putting the tutorial online and your other material. It is a big help to me. Andy Kennedy
  • Name:Anon
    Date:02-05-2007 15:23
    Thanks for the Winsock tutorials!
  • Name:Hassan
    Date:02-05-2007 13:28
    Thank you Thomas for Winsock Tutorials, Excellent Explanation and Organisation. Looking Forward for the coming Chapters. Thx alot.