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  • Name:omid
    Date:04-01-2014 18:13
    I want learn assembly.
  • Name:shehin pv
    Date:08-09-2013 21:11
    i liked the electronics part also nice.......
  • Name:shehin pv
    Date:08-09-2013 21:04
    i searched a lot for a better tutorial on masm.... couldn't find the good one. finally i found yours it is very easy to understand.i am a beginner to masm... thank you....... great job....... keep it up......
  • Name:Darvei
    Date:04-09-2013 04:36
    so many examples, great work!
  • Name:Deepak Sharma
    Date:13-02-2013 10:57
    I did search whole lot of tutorials on socket programming, finally after a week's reading, I was still unclear, till i went through your chapters. This is the best tutorial, Thank you very much .....
  • Name:Prashant Gupta
    Date:15-11-2012 20:47
    The C++ networking tutorial was really a great thing to read.It helped me a lot in my project and also to improve my understandings.Thanx a lot 4 the tutorial.
  • Name:Aleksandr
    Date:09-11-2012 20:11
    hi there can you upload video from projects to another place (youtube etc ...), coz google video dont work ( best regards.
  • Name:Sunil Kumar V.N.
    Date:21-07-2012 07:53
    Excellent stuff that suits the requirement of anybody who loves electronics and programming and a movement like this will hlep the global community to enhance their technical knowledge . Thanks for keeping such a wonderful site for public.
  • Name:tim
    Date:17-05-2012 00:15
    Thanks a lot for your clear tutorial on sockets!!
  • Name:Simon
    Date:10-05-2012 11:27
    You've some great projects an in almost all of them you've a professional manufactures wiring board, where do you order all of them - here in Europe would pay about 50€ for one in a shop..