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  • Name:Kohlrak
    Date:19-12-2006 04:08
    Country:United States of America
    These are nice tutorials, but are you planning to finish that one tutorial? "The next chapters will tell you more on how to deal with this."
  • Name:Charles
    Date:13-12-2006 22:11
    What a joy to encounter this site, so beautifully clear and ordered and concise, and so different from the tedious and confusing verbiage I have ploughed through elsewhere! Thanks and thanks again!
  • Name:Cobra
    Date:13-12-2006 19:46
    Thanks much for a great site and wonderful programs.
  • Name:Robin Kidd
    Date:22-11-2006 17:46
    Great site. I am just getting into ASM after over 32 years in the IT business. Keep up the great work.
  • Name:Localmotion34
    Date:18-11-2006 18:05
    Any chance you are going to re-release GIFLIB and its source? All the GIF patents have been expired for well over a month now, in all countries. Great site by the way. looking forward to seeing GIFlib back.
  • Name:vidar
    Date:18-11-2006 07:42
    Nice work..
  • Name:William Croft
    Date:16-11-2006 19:57
    Country:USA, California
    Thomas, wow, excellent job on your tutorials. Especially liked your Chapter 5 on I/O models the comparison of Overlapped I/O vs. WSAAsyncSelect. Beautiful illustrations.
  • Name:intcode
    Date:17-10-2006 10:49
    Nice Websites.....
  • Name:dennis
    Date:12-10-2006 12:46
    Doe mij een toppertje!
  • Name:c6jones720
    Date:29-08-2006 16:38
    Thankyou so much you seem to have all the C++ libraries that people just cant get hold of for love nor money! - Thanks a million