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  • Name:Aaron
    Date:19-04-2012 23:19
    Thank you very much for the excellent Winsock tutorial! I would love to see additional volumes addressing the other I/O modes. Your website was an enormous help - easily the best tutorial I've seen out there. Thank you.
  • Name:Snake
    Date:10-03-2012 18:17
    oop program with asm code
  • Name:Juan Veliz
    Date:09-03-2012 22:15
    Hi Thanks for your great winsock tutorial, easyly the best programming tutorial I ever read Best regards
  • Name:optimizer
    Date:17-02-2012 05:18
    Thank you so much for putting together the WinSock tutorial!
  • Name:Killer1
    Date:30-11-2011 11:22
    Great WinSock tutorial, greatly explained, but you need to add new lessons (I have readed that tutorial 3 months ago, and no update come up to this day). I hope you will update that tutorial.
  • Name:asdf
    Date:25-11-2011 15:07
    Impressive site. I came here for the Winsock tutorial, but I might check out the electronics too.
  • Name:Saj
    Date:10-11-2011 12:36
    Clever huh ?
  • Name:Jacek Juskowiak
    Date:07-09-2011 21:44
    Man! You must be some kind of genius!
  • Name:Deneb Garza
    Date:29-06-2011 09:48
    A lot of talent on your projects! Nice Winsock tutorial too, keep it up.
  • Name:Marko Matic Cipi
    Date:30-05-2011 11:46
    This is the most awesome tutorial ever... Win sockets are explained here so good that it makes "OPEN HERE" tutorial on a beer bottle confusing. Thanx! :)