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  • Name:Tolga
    Date:01-07-2004 21:13
    Hallo! Thank you very very very much... I was looking for the winsock-helpfile for such a long time and couldnt find it anywhere. PS: Your site is very useful and its also well designed ;~)
  • Name:Thazager
    Date:28-06-2004 14:38
    I have been programming in Dos assembly for about 15 yrs. I am new to masm32, but with these Tutorials, this will be fun to learn.
  • Name:Me
    Date:23-06-2004 03:21
    I hope you plan to continue the netwroking tutorials soon. It's been a while since your last update. I'm sure many other than myself are also waiting. If it is an issue with donations, please say so. I'm sure something can be worked out. Good luck and thanks for a great effort.
  • Name:Alan.Li
    Date:31-05-2004 07:38
    I am a programmer. I want to learn asm programming.
  • Name:PeterPang
    Date:30-05-2004 06:15
    Country:Hong Kong
    Thank you for maintaining such a good site. Hopes it doesn't cost you too much!
  • Name:Guybrush Threepwood
    Date:27-05-2004 12:18
    Country:Monkey Island
    Please continue with your networking tutorial!!!
  • Name:SpidersWeb
    Date:25-05-2004 22:40
    Love the site and all the examples.
  • Name:ti_mo_n
    Date:23-05-2004 19:47
    Please continue with the networking tutorial! :) Finish it, or at least write a new chapter :) pretty please :P
  • Name:brause
    Date:09-05-2004 19:24
    Country:munich accra
    thank you for a very clear explaned mosaic ;-)
  • Name:Richard
    Date:25-04-2004 19:15
    Great site!!!