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  • Name:chetan
    Date:08-03-2006 09:10
    This is one of best tutorial sites i have visited. I really thank madwizard for what it has taught me.
  • Name:Darek
    Date:01-03-2006 20:49
    Very good tutorial. I can't wait to see next chapters.
  • Name:Mek'Naan
    Date:01-03-2006 10:04
    Your tutorial is great. Keep up the good work
  • Name:João dos Santos
    Date:06-02-2006 13:26
    Country:Brasil gostei do programa exemplo e pude aproveitar muitas funções como exemplo na minha aprendizagem. Parabens !!!!!
  • Name:Benina
    Date:16-12-2005 16:08
    good site. Thanz u
  • Name:P.J. van de Sande
    Date:09-12-2005 07:28
    Still a great reference for me!
  • Name:Eriond
    Date:03-12-2005 07:46
    Wonderful site. Great winsock tutorials. Great work. :)
  • Name:G`HOST
    Date:02-12-2005 20:04
    Hi, Thanx for your efforts.For such a wonderful help to people like me who just love coding and want every piece to learn.Keep up the good work This is why i love the Online world people here are more helpful then in real life. So .... Enjoy and "ROCK"
  • Name:m0dchip
    Date:29-11-2005 09:06
    Your tutorials really rock!!! Hope you make more soon!!!
  • Name:sz_70
    Date:25-11-2005 11:00