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  • Name:Jay
    Date:13-05-2003 21:18
    Hi Thomas Apart from your site being the best looking visually The information you provide is is also the best THANKS
  • Name:Nickcheng
    Date:09-05-2003 07:29
    It seems that there's some problems in your Digibrain2.All I drawn were recognized as letter "U".What's the problem?
  • Name:Pony
    Date:07-05-2003 03:12
    Country:Taiwain R.O.C
    nice site! enjoy work!
  • Name:Leffe
    Date:04-05-2003 03:20
    It's rare to find a coders site, which do not deal with a specific program, and find actually useful and entertaining programs. Nice work.
  • Name:Taowen
    Date:24-04-2003 10:20
    I am trying to improve you and Nan's OOP model to let it work in a more convenient way. I need your permission and help.
  • Name:dottinggun
    Date:27-03-2003 03:06
    Great site!Smart wizard,thank you for your tutorial and your code! best wishes!!
  • Name:W.L.Hagens
    Date:28-02-2003 19:39
    Country:Las paises bajos del seƱora 'd exagone
    Hi thomas, I guess you still know your old classmate, i am impressed by your site and was searching for the new version of http file transfer we used while still in school.
  • Name:mak1304
    Date:04-02-2003 04:29
    hi...thomas. i hope i wont bother you but really i am to hasty for your next networking please hurry up. GREAT SITE.
  • Name:GLC
    Date:27-12-2002 23:09
    Country:Poland / Japan
    Just came here from Win32ASM forum... very nice site, pretty informative, with the Winsock tutorial making a very good read. Keep up the good work!
  • Name:M7
    Date:25-12-2002 03:40
    Thank you very much for your Masm. I found it from the site of I.Lion. It is very useful to study MASM. I am now here to look up if any useful here :-). * is under firewall from my country so I happily found that your site move to this nice place. search your site now...Thank you and thank Lion, Hutch, and ..old nice Thomas... Your site nice tooo...