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  • Name:anohneemous
    Date:26-09-2004 08:04
    Please continue with Winsock Tutorials! Very good tutorials! Best I have seen on the Net!!!
  • Name:K.I.C.H.O.
    Date:03-09-2004 09:04
    Good Site homes!
  • Name:void
    Date:31-08-2004 20:40
    what about your great tut? will you continue? please do so!!! the last site update was quite some time ago :(.
  • Name:Manish Tiwari
    Date:21-08-2004 16:28
    It is possible to write coding under Assembly Language to command any remote terminal or device. Please Help me. I am working as .net programmer and comp. engg graduate.
  • Name:JAPH
    Date:15-08-2004 08:11
    Very good winsock tut. I just read the first 3 parts. Will read the the whole thing (and hopefully learn some thing) when I have time. Very easy to read, nice layout, good colours for website design. Great website!
  • Name:freeTech
    Date:07-08-2004 10:42
    PNGlib! Ya! I love! I love it real very very very much! Webmaster! You are best in the world! I want kiss you hold you forever!
  • Name:Eric
    Date:30-07-2004 04:29
    I'm a Chinese college student.Oh~ I was surprised that I found a Chinese translation of the Mosaic game tutorial. hehe~ thank you very much~ :-)
  • Name:Igor
    Date:13-07-2004 10:15
    Thanks for all U've done,Wiz!!! waiting for your new tuts&stuff. P.S. Please,answer my question: Does world need ASM programmers and where can I use my ASM32 skills?thanks
  • Name:Cohen
    Date:11-07-2004 17:09
    Hi MadWizard, I'm using your PNGlib in my current OpenGL-Project. Works really well and it's much more convenient in contrast to the bloated libpng. ;) Thanks for that cool lib. Cohen
  • Name:Hazem
    Date:10-07-2004 20:14
    Thanks very very very much