Dead bug style AVR controller for PLED

A simple LCD controller soldered in dead-bug style on a PLED. To program the controller AVR while soldered to the PLED, I first enabled DebugWire before soldering it. This allows the AVR to be programmed with only the reset pin (and ground) connected to the programmer. You'll need a JTAGICE mkII or Dragon to do this.

Step by step

The AVR in its better days:
ATtiny2313 AVR controller

The AVR not so well anymore:
Bent pins

All except the outer pins now are on the top:
Pins on top

Power pins still on the bottom, but other two corners on top:
Two pins left on the bottom

One pin amputated, the reset pin on top but not sticking out:
Unused pin removed

Top view of the same thing:
All pins bent correctly

The components: The zener diode was to set the contrast pin to a certain voltage but this proved to be a mistake, I thought the contrast of the PLED had to be set to 3.3V but it turned out to be wrong. It is removed later. Other components are just a 78L05 and two 100nF caps.

Bunch of wire to supply power and to hang the PLED on something:
General purpose wire

The inner AVR pins are now soldered to the PLED:
LCD pins soldered

The reset pin is soldered to the gold plated drill hole. This is important since you can now program the AVR using the drill hole!
Reset line connected to hole

The voltage regulator connected to the power pins:
Voltage regulator

Useless zener added:
Zener diode soldered

Capacitors for the voltage regulator:

Finally, the wires are connected (and zener gone):
Wires connected

Everything is complete:
Overview from the back

And it looks great!
PLED in the dark