Programming Tutorials

Here you can find my own tutorials.

Winsock networking tutorial (C++ or win32asm)

An introduction to networking and winsock. The tutorial was supposed to continue with more chapters but this won't happen, mainly because my own interests have shifted and I don't have the time for it. Still, it is a useful basis into the world of winsock.

Read win32asm version online
Read C++ version online

Win32asm basic tutorials

A basic introduction into assembly language with the focus on win32asm and MASM32. Written a long time ago, but still useful. Currently this tutorial is only available in htmlhelp format, the layout is too different to place it on the site directly and I haven't found the time to convert it. Download

Mosaic game tutorial (win32asm)

A complete how-to for a small game written in win32asm. The application is built step by step and explained in detail.

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